Aerial Yoga

Aerial yoga, also referred to as anti-gravity yoga, shares a lot of similarities with traditional yoga. However, there’s a big difference.

When participating in aerial yoga classes, the weight of your body will be supported by a hammock. This means you’ll be suspended in the air! It’s a great option for beginners & experienced yogis to expand their abilities. 

  • Love the concept & you are ready to dive right on in? Learn the basics, find your groove & form a trusting relationship with the hammock. Maybe even get one at home! Develop your skills, understand the safety behind them & let’s see your practice excel!


  • Seeking a gentle practice? Our classes are catered to all levels, you are free to take the cues & poses that resonate with you. If you are working with injuries & ailments, the hammock can be adjusted to a height that suits you. All entirely adjustable so you feel comfortable & secure while working in your preferred range of movement.


  • Do you love the abilities of those fantastic circus acts that appear yearly from far across the globe? You are what we would call an aerial yoga enthusiast! You presently have a well-framed physical practice & would love to expand your knowledge – here we can undoubtedly assist you in doing so & will teach you a few neat poses along the way!