I am incredibly excited to have you aboard our PRANA Journey, seeking your highest Vitality & Strength.

Looking forward to listening to your story, gifting you guidance & tools you can put into practice throughout Your PRANA Journey.

I (Antoinette) founded Your PRANA so I may guide others on their own spiritual health & wellness journeys. Ultimately expanding Your PRANA, the Vitality & Strength within. Personal experiences lead me to fall in love with movement & the intricacies of our health – to dive deeper & uncover truths. My adventures lead me to magnificent places & I fell truly in love with Mother Nature, she is awe inspiring! Along my journey I endured autoimmune battles, a spinal fusion, trauma, hormonal fluctuations & weight imbalances… but to me they were all gifts, blessings – events where I could learn from experience & use my knowledge to support & inspire lives daily, Your Life.

My experiences lead to my life’s passion, for that, I am eternally grateful – 11 years have since past & I am thrilled to see where another decade will lead!

I am Movement Coach, Nutritionist, Crystal Enthusiast, Holistic Health Practitioner, Jeweller, Yoga Teacher & Personal Trainer. I pursue education in each field weekly – thoroughly enjoying the learning experience & consider, myself a student of life. Knowing my realms will expand is exciting! But, I’d love a shorter summary of skills – so if you have an idea, shout out! x

Hashimoto’s & a Ruptured Disc in my Spine resulted in half my Thyroid removed & undergoing an Anterior Spinal Fusion (L5 – S1). But did I let that limit me, NO. I defied all odds & have made it my life’s mission to continue to do so. To guide others to have the power to decide their own destiny. Defy the odds placed against YOU. Gifting Energy that will lift you Higher – Empowering your Soul.

I want us all to live our lives to the fullest, embrace all the leaps & bounds – they are what shape US! Being able to breathe deeply, move daily & nourish our bodies with the best ENERGY, will see YOU living Your Fullest Life.

With our grand intentions, here at Your PRANA we present you with Prana Body, Prana Collective & Prana Events – all-encompassing a Holistic Approach to your Health & Wellbeing.

Whether you are seeking crystal knowledge, nutritional guidance, a gift for a loved one, harmony between business & life, recovering from an injury or a complete spiritual overhaul – you are COVERED. Expert knowledge & an extensive toolbox allows our products & services to be varied, exciting & playful – while providing you with the utmost emotional support.

All while, placing a special emphasis on Laughter, Love & Joy!

Because without that, the sun doesn’t seem to shine as bright & your body sure as hell doesn’t heal as fast. Let’s place you in your happy place. Let your Soul SHINE!

If I would have taken all the advice given to me by medical professionals, never done my own research or studies, always taken the medication prescribed without question – I can guarantee you I would not be where I am today. We as a society must question the answers given, do our own research & WANT to educate ourselves. They certainly have their time & place in the world & they can work MIRACLES, but we also have to stop taking their words as gospel. You must take control of your health – no one will put you as their highest priority, only you can do that.

If you take anything away – be it that, from today forward you take control. Own your choices, your habits, environment & health. You have the Power – Now, OWN IT!

Be the change you wish to see in the world.

Begin your quest for your greatest Vitality & Strength, find Your PRANA.

Grow & Blossom x

Antoinette Elizabeth – Your PRANA Expert

How can you, invite greater PRANA into your life, today?

Today, I invite you to feel a little deeper, allow yourself space & gift yourself a moment to appreciate all that you are & the magnificence that surrounds you.

Give time, individually to your Body, Mind & Spirit. Nourish each, in a different way. Recognize Yourself.

Fill your cup, put yourself first. You are a priority! All who surround you with love, will greatly benefit from you, being a greater, empowered version of yourself.

The Universe Believes In YOU!

Yours in Gratitude,

Antoinette Elizabeth – Your PRANA Expert x